Collector Safety Training

03/21/2020 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Barbara Deer Kuss Science Center at Wittenberg University
Address: 315 Bill Edwards Drive, Springfield, OH 45504, USA

FM Midwest Chapter Members and Members of Other Organizations:

Happy New Year!

It is once again time to think about MSHA refresher training so you can participate on upcoming field trips.

Scott Kell will once again be giving his collector-specific training on Saturday, March 21, from 9:00 AM -2:00 PM in the Barbara Deer Kuss Science Center at Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio. If you are using your GPS, the street address is 315 Bill Edwards Drive, Springfield, OH. Parking is available directly across the street from the Science Center.  Signs will be posted on the doors of the Science Center to guide you regardless of what door you come in.

We are doing signup differently this year.  Please click this link to go to Google form to sign up.  This is so much easier than tracking all your emails.  J  If you can’t show up, no worries.  We have plenty of room.

Coffee and hot water for tea will be available. Please consider bringing some snacks/drinks for yourself and others to enjoy.  WE ARE NOT BREAKING FOR LUNCH so please come prepared for this if you cannot wait for food.

This event is free. Students are welcome to attend.  Most quarries do not let people under 18 into them.

Randy Marsh

Liaison Officer – Friends of Mineralogy Midwest Chapter