Field Trip Guidelines

Friends of Mineralogy – Midwest Chapter Field Trip Guidelines

  1. Attendees must be a current member of FoM. At the discretion of the field trip chairperson, members may bring a guest to one field trip, however, that individual must become a member in order to attend additional field trips. Guest sponsors will make their guest aware of these guidelines.
  2. Regarding safety, it is the responsibility of each member and their guests to have and use the proper attire and equipment (hard hat, safety shoes, eye protection, etc.). This document does not include a comprehensive list of safety rules for collectors. This sort of information is available at the MSHA safety training classes, and also at the website for the AFMS,
  3. Most field trips require a current certification for the MSHA safety training; individuals must have the certificate in their possession. This also applies to guests. Those without the certificate may be refused admission by quarry personnel. Note that the certificate must be updated annually in order to be valid. Info on when and where to take these classes will be provided by the Chapter officers.
  4. The number of attendees to any given trip may be limited, so individuals must pre-register with the field trip chairperson in advance of the trip. Otherwise, admission may be denied. This also applies to guests. A field trip date is not official until the members receive a quarry guide invitation from the field trip chairman at which time reservations will be accepted. (Dates listed in the annual FM calendar are proposed and thus are tentative until approved by the quarry).
  5. Young children should not be brought on field trips. Age limits will be at the discretion of the field trip chairperson and quarry personnel. Unless it is otherwise noted in the Field Trip Announcement, the minimum age to attend a field trip is 18.
  6. Attendees must sign in at the quarry office and participate in any introductory talk given by quarry personnel. Rules delineated by quarry personnel must be followed without question. Note that quarries require that collectors sign a release absolving the quarry company and personnel of any responsibility for injuries or damage to property.
  7. All collectors understand that there is some risk inherent in field trips. Neither FoM nor any other member can be held liable for injuries or loss of property. Be aware that damage to your vehicle that takes place in a quarry or other off road areas may not be covered by your auto insurance. All field trip attendees, including guests, shall be required to sign a standard Hold Harmless Agreement prior to participating in a field trip.
  8. Every effort must be made to avoid leaving trash at the collecting site. Take care that metal tools are not left behind, as they pose a risk of damage to quarry rock crushers.
  9. It is understood that the field trip chairperson is in charge of the trip and that their instructions are to be followed.
  10. It is to be understood that not all trips will be productive regarding either quantity or quality of specimens available. This is not within the control of either the field trip chairperson or the quarry personnel. We are able to visit quarries only by permission of quarry owners and if they hear negative comments, future visits may be denied. It is important to understand that many quarries are now owned by a single company, and if negative comments or inappropriate behavior is encountered by the quarry personnel at one location, the door may be closed at all facilities of the parent company.

Attendees must agree to the above guidelines, and to conduct themselves in a responsible manner.